Mechanical Polished Concrete

Polishing Concrete is our expertise. Your floor will be like never before.

Grind And Seal Concrete Floor

Beautiful and strong flooring is our prime specialty

Expoxy Flooring in Melbourne

Elegant and flawless flooring that everyone will remember

Decorative Flex Coating System

Including colored Flakes Chip, Resin Epoxy and Topcoat with Clear Non-Yellowish sealer.

Floor Preparation and Measuring

We will quintessentially level your floor. Not keep it flat

Self Leveling

Level up with Leveling Compound for your Tiles, Carpet and Vinyl Flooring.

Concrete Bench Top Polishing

A different bench top for every different surface? – Possible.

Tiles, Carpet and Vinyl Removal

Easy and affordable vinyl removal solutions for all kinds of surfaces

Marble and Terrazzo Polishing

Grind and Polishing the Marble and Terrazzo Floor.

Kitchen Floor Repairs

Residential/commercial or Industrials Cool room, Butchers, Café’s, Home

Staircase Grind and Polishing

Grind and Repairs, Sand and seal with Clear or Colour Epoxy

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